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My 17 year old daughter joined a cult last summer in Greenspoint, Houston, Texas.The Pastor brainwashed her and convinced her to run away and go live with him.

She is mentally ill and was told not to use her medications or seek psychological treatment. She also was not allowed to see her family. She recently disappeared after the Pastor was told of these ads. The Pastor's name is Michael Amador and his cult is New Beginnings Church of Greenspoint.

His wife is Christina Amador. This man has weird beliefs and seems to think his way is Gods way.

Beware of this cult.

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Suing?The Bible teaches that suing your brother is shameful...

You need to brush up on your Bible knowledge...

Settle Lawsuits among Believers

…6 but brother goes to law with brother, and that before unbelievers?

7 Actually, then, it is already a defeat for you, that you have lawsuits with one another.

Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be defrauded?

8 On the contrary, you yourselves wrong and defraud.You do this even to your brethren.… 1 Corinthians 6:6,7,8


It baffles me on how a christian can claim to serve God and yet look down on those with mental illness.As far as I know the Bible, it is not a sin.

But bigotry is. Mentally ill people have every right to be treated with respect. Shame on you to defend a cult leader and a sexual predator who sexually abused one congregant after another while his parents looked the other way. Shame on you for being a people follower and calling the good evil and evil good.

Many great mentally ill Christians serve the Lord and take a stand against evil. This family did and God blessed them mightily. Jesus ministered to the mentally ill and never rejected them.

You obviously are very ignorant of the Word of God and gullible.I pray God illuminates you and you see the error of your ways.


The young lady that was convinced by this Pastor to run away at 17 and live in his house while he lied to the cops about her whereabouts is now in the safe arms of her parents.Many churches prayed about this situation and the parents did not rest until their baby came back home.

She has now recovered from the sexual and spiritual abuse these horrible people put her through and is now in college, She is serving the Lord and God has healed the family and reunited them. She regrets putting her parents through so much and realized she is never safer than in her mothers arms. God has been good to all of them and they have put this horrible episode behind them. If the lawsuit never happened is because what was said was true and suing is useless.

If you really knew the girl like you say you do than you would know how this story ended. All four siblings remain close and no one ever joined the service. By the way...

lying is a sin.Facebook is a perfect way to prove that what you just wrote is all a lie.


This is defamation and you can be sued for this post.If I were the pastor I would have the website track this post author and sue for defamation/libel.

I know none of this is true. I know the girl who ran away and was friends with her and her sister. Her mother was the one who was mentally ill and the daughter left to seek refuge from her and so the pastor took her in. I also knew her sister.

She eventually left because she joined the military for basic training or something like that.

The rest of you should learn not to talk about things you know nothing about.It's not only gossip and petty but the author can be sued.


I am amazed how quick people are to follow leaders blindly.Jesus talked a lot in the Bible about the Pharisees.

They were very religious people who thought they were the best at serving God. The people followed them blindly even though they were destined to ***.

They dressed well, did religious ceremonies and twisted the Word of God. Those who never read the book followed them in their delusions.

It is obvious that the person below is just as trusting and blind.

How sad!!! Your leader has two small kids out of wedlock. He fathered them from a young girl he invited to live in his home. He has lied to this church for years.

The truth will ALWAYS come to the light. Time hopefully will allow you to open your eyes. He may fool you but God can never be fooled. He is a sick *** who creates an image to fool those who follow him.

If you hang around long enough, you will see their true colors. Just keep your young family members away from this man or you will regret you did not listen.

Good luck!!you are going to need it...


this is completley not true, may god forgive the people who wrote all the negative comments about a church that i have felt beyond comfortable being at this church.

the pastors are the most devoted to godly people i have ever met and glad to be a soon to be member of new beggings church!


*** Matthew Amador decided to tie the knot after sleeping around for so long.. Lets see how long before his sins catch up with him and he goes back to his old ways...

to Amorosa #954064

My ex boyfriend Matthew got married at the young age of 21 he has been married three years still very much in love with his wife.I don't know if your an ex like me but young men from my experience have growing up to do.

Matthew Is and was a good person him when you have to people who fall for each other sometimes it doesn't work out... def.

When your young I'm sure you can blame me as much as so many of you blame him because something didn't work out when he was a teenager.Young people make mistakes letting him go was one of mine


*** Matthew Amador decided to tie the knot after sleeping around for so long.. Lets see how long before his sins catch up with him and he goes back to his old ways...


The amount of blind trust people put in church leaders never ceases to amaze me. It is wise to do background checks before choosing a church leader. Too many bozos out there...


The amount of blind trust people put in church leaders never ceases to amaze me. It is wise to do background checks before choosing a church leader. Too many bozos out there...


This place is a terrible cult.affairs are being discovered all the time. The Pastor has two kids out of wedlock that are still young enough for him to pay child support yet her accuses the congregation of sins. He is an hypocrite and a ***


The runaway finally went home and is recovering from sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Mathew Amador (the pastors son),

The girl before her was not so lucky and is now making the pastor pay her child support for two kids of the adulteress affair...


The runaway is finally gone home where she belongs.She suffered both sexual and mental abuse at the hands of the Amador family and she now wants no further contact with them.

We pray for the protection of the other young girls in this church.May God have mercy of their souls


Yprek1962, please contact me at,

I would like to ask you some questions. Please email me A.S.A.P


Amador has been telling everyone that the runaway ruined his innocent son???Little does he admit the little virgin soldier runs around ministering to the little girls in the church showing them the "love of Jesus." in a very physical way.

Nor does he ever talk about the condoms sweet boy keeps in his pockets.This *** bag has the guts to blame the girl for his sexually perverted sons sexual escapades.


This girl changed states once the whole mess came to light.She recently got in trouble with the cops and her "SUGAR DADDY" Michael Amador paid to get her of trouble and make the arrest warrant go away.

Yet he still denies anything is going on. How this church can be so gullibleis beyond me.

They pay tithes to support his trashy lifestyle.God Bless America!


No minister should be giving money to or hiding a minor from her parents.This is scandalous.

It is a shame it brings shame to the church world. A minister that does this is really a *** hiding behind the cloth.

The Bible says they are to be above reproach...This man really needs to repent..


According to the grapevine, the runaway was never in college and simply ended up leaving the state all financed by her "Pastor." with hush money he gives her from the church.... go figure people are soo ignorant to follow churches lead by *** like this


HEY PAULINE...She may be demented but you are ignorant, you can not even spell correctly.

Well I quess that says how smart you are huh? Ignorance is not something to be proud of.Do you think people can be as *** as you? Believing in a man that is a sugar "daddy" to a girl he is not even related to? Your leader is a *** and you pay for his little affair with your tithes.

I quess if you would have paid a little more attention in school perhaps you would be a little smarter.

By the way...spell check can help if you are not too *** to find the right button...


I am dismayed, at the lies wriotten in this blog, How one angry dimented woman can say so much lies about a church that has done nothing but help and assist people.

I have personally never seen not heard the Pastor do or say anything against the Word of God

It's very sad, that people are allowed to write such garbage becasue of personal vendeta

I will pray for this woman who has made it her life goal to ruin a good man's and a good church's reputation


This church is a cult.


The church is really weird.I think it is a cult.

Too much emphasis on holiness. Very legalistic.

Lots of spiritual abuse and too many rumors.I don't go there anymore.


This place is will find anything from daycare rapes, pastoral affairs, IRS Fraud and income tax evasion, illegal alien employment, weird doctrines, and the hottest gossip available... come and be entertained...


Young lady are you aware that cults always convince their members that they are like a big family?In reality it is a form of mind control.

You are naive and seem too young to know any better. Read about cults in the internet.

Your leader is a very crooked man.I pray for all the young girls in that place to be set free.


Your Mom is a great MOM.She worked, cared for you, and gave you everything you wanted.

You were spoiled, ungrateful and always complaining. You beat up on your siblings and Mom, drank alcohol, had sex underage, and even did drugs. A doctor said you are bipolar. Better pray for yourself for dishonoring your Mom like that.

I wish my Mom was like her. I grew up instead with someone like you but I still respect her. I believe that is what God demands of me. I am glad you ran away.

Your family is better without you.I told them you are too ungrateful to be bothered with.


I went to this church for a while.The pastor is a very angry person and very demanding.

I decided it was not healthy for my family to be there. The Word of God should be preach with grace.

An angry person is not a reflection of Christ.I never went back.


This church is not a cult.This is a church that teaches the word of God straight from the bible.

I have been a member for quite some time. Instead of reading terrible reviews by an angry woman, please come out and visit us.

You will see for yourself that these reviews and comments are slanderous and untrue to the fullest extent.Pastor Michael Amador is a true man of God who is respected by the community, his peers and his members.

Hicksville, New York, United States #169335

I am 18 mom you really need to seek help, you are physically and emotionally abusive and you need help.I pray for you everyday.

This add is just completely incorrect in its information.

My church/family has only ever been completely helpful in getting me into a great job and into a great school.If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at:

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